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Bond certifies and the work continues. 

Let’s kick off this morning with some great news….the election results are certified, and the White River School District bond passed with a final approval rate of 67.98%.  We cannot express enough, our appreciation for the support of our community, and for the effort each of you put into this process.

Last week the team of Doug Nichols, Dave Teater, and Phil Crocker had some whirlwind days with various teams from Glacier, Elk Ridge and Wilkeson. The teams have covered everything from Special Education classrooms, to Libraries, Music, Technology, Food Service, and Custodial.  They are ready to begin creating a vision for these schools. 

Dave and Phil will take all the information they have collected over three, very full, days and create the educational specifications.  Again, these are basically concisely written, organized objectives that describe the educational facility needs of students, educators and the community.  They expect to complete the ed specs within about three weeks, at which point they will go back to the school teams, who will be responsible for going over them with a fine tooth comb to ensure that they do accurately represent our needs. 

Posted by On 06 March, 2016 at 4:08 PM