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Board Approves Architects 

In August 2015, the District conducted an RFP (Request for Proposal) process to select an architect for pre-bond services. The RFP was written to allow the District to continue work with the selected architects for anticipated bond projects, subject to passage of the bond. Based on a committee recommendation, the Board selected McGranahan Architects for pre-bond service.

At the March 9th Board meeting, the Board voted unanimously to extend the contract with McGranahan Architects for the Glacier Middle School and White River High School bond projects.  On their website  McGranahan Architects say, “In the middle school environment,  students are transitioning from the insular single classroom of elementary school to the high school setting which requires personal responsibility and independence. Middle school students”, they add, ”need a setting that allows them to maintain close relationships with teachers as well as gain self-reliance and the skills to work well with others.” That sounds like a perfect fit for White River!

After additional interviews conducted in February with architects selected through the original RFP process, there was also a recommendation to the Board to select Integrus Architecture for the remaining bond projects.

Dividing the work between two architects accomplishes several things. First, it will allow us to move quickly on our projects to lock in costs and protect the value of the bond proceeds.   It will minimalize the risk of overloading a single firm, and additionally it invites a healthy level of competition into the process.

The architect firms will be working hand in hand with Doug Nichols and Construction Services Group who we talked about in earlier posts.

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