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Coffee Talks and Finalizing Ed Specs 
It's time for a bond update! Things continue to move along quickly. The Ed Specs for Elk Ridge Elementary and Wilkeson Elementary are being finalized after 'coffee talks' with the staff at each building. The Ed Specs for Glacier Middle School are in final draft form.
(Educational specifications are a set of concisely written, organized objectives that describe the educational facility needs of students, educators, and the community. They include descriptions of the educational and support service programs. They collectively outline what these groups want to achieve for educators, students, parents and the community. The final educational specification document serves as a written communication between educators and the design professionals.)
The next step in the process is putting together a design committee for each building. The design committees will consist of the principal, key building staff, selected community members, and student representation.  In addition there will be an executive committee made up of the Superintendent (Janel Keating), Assistant Superintendent (Mike Hagadone), Director of Business and Operations (Donna Morey), Maintenance (Marty Brewer), and a member of the School Board.
A series of meetings will occur for each site, concluding by the last day of school this year.  On June 13th (snow make-up day for staff) there will be meetings with the entire staff at each building, sharing out the work of the design team.
We are really excited by the great work that has happened already!
Posted by Meagan.Rhoades On 31 May, 2016 at 4:10 PM  

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