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Will Construction Start Next School Year? 
We know that for parents (and staff) at Glacier Middle School, Elk Ridge Elementary School, and Wilkeson Elementary School the burning question is - what is happening on the campus next year?
As you may know, work on these projects began the day after the bond election.  We are currently in what is called the 'Educational Specifications' and design process. This means that groups of administrators, staff, community members and students have been meeting with the project managers to refine the needs and the vision of this work.  This phase will be completed on June 13th.  At that point all the information will go to the architects who will use it to begin the schematic drafts.  
We expect the process of drafting and then finalizing the design, and then creating all the engineering specs will take most of next school year.  We are hoping that by about this time NEXT year we will be getting bids on the construction for all three projects.
This is a long way of saying - school will carry on as usual next year.  We do not yet know what will happen the following year, but will definitely keep everyone in the loop as we move forward.  There is a possibility that students will not be displaced at all, but we just can't know that for sure until we have approved final design plans!  
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