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Planning Ahead for Wilkeson Construction 
As you all know, we have been engaged in Design Team work at Elk Ridge, Wilkeson and Glacier Middle School over the last few weeks.  Last week it became apparent that the Wilkeson project would not be able to be completed while students were on campus, without significantly extending the construction timelines and budget.

District staff and our construction management consultants did a thorough tour of the WRESC campus (formerly White River Middle School), to determine the feasibility of housing Wilkeson there for the 2017-18 school year. 
Because of the smaller student population at Wilkeson (about 225 students, in comparison to the 400+ that were there when it was a middle school), classes can be contained in the Library and Science wings.  The gym, music classrooms and administration building would also be utilized. There are other areas of the campus that will be completely closed off to students and staff.
We want to make sure that Wilkeson students continue to experience quality learning. We also want to continue to be fiscally responsible with the bond money, and this solution offers a significant cost savings.
There are many logistical decisions yet to be made - the good news is that we have a year to get all the plans in place! But we did want to make sure that the information went out to people quickly so that this would not come as a surprise.
Posted by Meagan.Rhoades On 31 May, 2016 at 4:13 PM  

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