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2016 Bond Information

School Improvements and Safety Upgrades

Investing in schools & students

The bond will invest in aged and deteriorating schools to help ensure every child has a school that provides a safe and challenging learning environment.  

Health & safety upgrades 

The bond will help create and maintain safe learning environments at all schools including basic Life Safety Improvements; replacing deteriorated roofs; retrofitting buildings for earthquake safety; updating aged fire alarm, sprinkler, and school intercom systems used in emergencies; improving HVAC systems, plumbing and energy-efficient heating and windows to help ensure clean air and safe water.

Improved student learning environments

The bond will provide students and teachers with the best possible environments for teaching and learning.  The measure will replace temporary portable classrooms in many areas and provide up-to-date classrooms, school and athletic facilities to meet student enrollment and anticipated needs over the next decade.

Investing in White River schools now, when it’s needed

The bond will address needed school improvements and safety upgrades. Long-term financing and construction costs are near all-time lows, which allow the District to stretch dollars further. Like a leaky roof, the longer we wait, the more serious the deterioration and the more costly to repair or replace.