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Board Members

The patrons of the White River School District are represented by a school board of five elected directors. Each director's term is for four years, with election dates staggered so that there are always at least two experienced members serving on the board. State law requires that the district be divided into five election areas of roughly equal population and that each director lives within the boundaries of his or her area. Each director does, however, represent all patrons in the district. White River School Board awarded Board of Distinction by the Washington State School Directors' Association in November 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.


School Board Members:

Denise Vogel

Director District 1
Denise Vogel- Board President
Phone: 253-686-9617

Appointed: June 2005
Elected: November 2005, 2009, 2021
Term Expires: November 2025


Denise Vogel has served on the Board since 2005 and represents the Director 1 position. Denise and her husband, Mike, have four children who have all attended White River schools. Her youngest child is currently at White River High School.


She has served on several District committees, including the bond committee, and has volunteered for many years at Foothills Elementary. Denise works hard to be informed about the many concerns that affect our students and the community. She is proud of the focus our district has on improving individual student achievement and the time and support given to teachers to help

 accomplish that task. She feels that the support our community gives to its schools is one of our District's greatest assets.

Denise is committed to helping provide students with greater access to quality education while representing the concerns of her constituents. As a representative, she welcomes community input and communication.


Karen BunkerDirector District 2
Karen Bunker
Phone: 253-709-7662
Appointed: November 2018
Elected:  November 2019
Term Expires: November 2023

My name is Karen Bunker. I am a wife, a mother of two, and a proud supporter of the White River School District. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education from Central Washington University and a Master of Science Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governor’s University. Education is my passion.


As an experienced educator, it is an honor and a privilege to be able to serve on the Board of Directors for the White River School District. The White River School District is staffed with dedicated professionals who seek to ensure high levels of learning for all students and to prepare them for life and success after graduation. The children in our schools are our number one priority and we, as leaders, need to advocate on their behalf. Sometimes that requires the ability to think outside of the box and step outside of our comfort zone. I am committed to working with district staff and our community to provide high-level instruction for all students and to encourage students on their personal learning journey.

I know that building strong relationships with parents and community members is vital to the success of our school district. I welcome your comments and feedback.


Director District 3
James Johnson
Appointed: March, 2022
Term Expires: November 2022



Director District 4 
Cassie Pearson- Legislative Rep
Phone: 360-829-0519

Elected: November 2009, 2021
Term Expires: November 2025


I thank the district and community for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Cassie Pearson, and I have been living in Buckley since 2001. I am married to Pat Pearson, and together we have five children, four of whom are in the White River School District. We have two students attending Glacier Middle School, and two at Wilkeson Elementary.


I was elected to the White River School Board in November 2009 and will serve in White River School Director Position 4, which covers an area on the east side of Highway 410, in Buckley and part of Wilkeson. As a newly elected school board member, I look forward to enhancing the educational experiences of White River students, including my own children!


One of the greatest gifts that our constitution grants each of us is the opportunity to receive an education. My responsibility as a board member is not only to create a successful learning environment for our students, but to also express the purpose, goals, and functions of our schools. A strong School Board is the foundation of a successful district. With planning and a focus on long-term goals, we can only enhance this gift of an education. It is my hope that we will give every White River student the tools they need to become responsible citizens and provide them the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge to make decisions that lead to productive lives. White River School District is an award-winning district and I am proud to be a part of it. I am excited that over the next four years I will have the opportunity to help direct our continued growth.


Matt ScheerDirector District 5 
Matt Scheer
Phone: 253-442-4798

Appointed: January 2017

Elected 11/2019
Term Expires: November 2023


Matt has served the District 5 Position since January 2017, which covers North and West of Hwy 410 from 214th to the city of Buckley. Matt and Marie have four children from 4 yrs old to 21 years old that have or are currently attending White River Schools. Additionally, they are foster parents as well.


White River School District has made significant progress over the past decade and is now recognized as a model district in our state. WRSD enjoys excellent support from the community and has successfully passed bonds and levies to fund the many areas that help our district excel. We must now work to ensure we are fiscally responsible in order to provide the best education services to all of our children, using our resources in the best way possible. White River continues to focus on areas such as upgrading and utilizing technology effectively and educating the whole child - academically, socially, emotionally. These efforts will make White River one of the best in the state. I take a board member's responsibility seriously and would welcome hearing from you.