Chromebook Protection Plan

Due to the escalating COVID-19 virus outbreak, the decision has been made to move to learning at home for grades preschool-first and to online for grades 2-12th.  White River will switch to distance learning Monday, March 16th, 2020.

Thanks to our community support for our Technology Levy, we have the ability to move in the direction of continuing learning for students during this time.  To accomplish this, we are sending a Chromebook and charging cord home with each 2nd-8th grade student. (Most 9th-12th grade students already have devices checked out to them).  Devices will be checked out through your child's school library. Expect a Chromebook in your student's backpack on Friday, March 13th. Because some parents are working from home, we do not want to assume a device is available in your home.  Students are also familiar with the Chromebook's navigation and features from using it at school. This device is to be used for learning, not entertainment. Lessons, documents, and links will be sent through Google Classroom. Classroom teachers will communicate directly further details.  

Your child is expected to care for the Chromebook as they would a library book.  It should be handled gently and with care, kept on a counter or table, kept away from babies and toddlers, and away from water or other liquids.  

A device protection plan is available.  For $20 (Students eligible for reduced/free lunch pay $5/$0) you can have some peace of mind if an accident should happen to the Chromebook.  To learn more about this, read the attached form or visit the district website. If you do not want to be responsible for the Chromebook, you may call this number 360-829-3804 and schedule a time to return it.

Some homes may not have internet in the home. Please contact your school's Principal for this issue.

If your child was absent Friday, March 13th, please contact your child's school to arrange a time to pick-up the device.


You can print the form BELOW for the device protection plan and mail it in;

or click HERE to make an online payment for the device protection plan.


*** The Device Protection Plan fee for the chromebooks that our 2-8th graders (this now available to all grades) will be using costs less than our high school Device Protection Plan because the devices are a less expensive product.