Child Nutrition

UPDATED Mobile Meal Services

White River Child Nutrition Services will continue to serve meals for kids on a daily basis (Monday through Friday) during this school closure. All kids 0-18 may pick up a FREE meal at any location. (Families with kids at multiple schools may choose any location)

We will now be also delivering food using the food delivery routes listed below. Please check the route to determine the actual stop addresses. Drivers will do their best to meet the times listed, but it may take a couple days of running this to figure out more exact times, so please bear with us and be patient! Pleae note that these are approximate delivery areas - check the route for exact stop locations.


Food Delivery Route 1 (Sumner/Buckley Hwy/Connell's Prairie/Springhaven/Church Lake)

Food Delivery Route 2 (Barkubein/WR Estates/234th/Mountain Creek)

Food Delivery Route 3 (Prairie Ridge and 214th)

Food Delivery Route 4 (South Prairie Road/112th/234th)

Food Delivery Route 5 (112th & 240th/112th & 261st)

Food Delivery Route 6 (Wilkeson/Johns & Tubbs Road/Larson Loss/South Prairie/SR165)

Food Delivery Route 7 (Wickersham/Ryan Road/Collins Road)


**Questions about Food Delivery Routes? Please call Transportation at 360-829-3987.

Lunch typically includes a sandwich, chips, fruit, vegetable, cookie, juice and milk
Breakfast typically includes cereal/bar/muffin, fruit and juice and milk

Monday through Friday, students can also pick up today’s lunch and tomorrow’s breakfast at the following locations:



Pick Up Time

Mountain Meadow  

11812 Mundy Loss, Buckley


Elk Ridge

340 River Road, Buckley



10621 234th Ave E, Buckley



640 Railroad Ave, Wilkeson


Glacier Middle School

240 North C St, Buckley


White River HS

26928 120th St E, Buckley


* Glacier Middle School meal pick-up site is closed for the remainder of the school year as demolition of the old buildings will be ongoing. REMEMBER, you can pick up your meals at any of the other sites, or from a bus route!


In addition to our schools, we will deliver meals to these locations:



Pick Up Time

Prairie Ridge Community Center

14205 215th Ave E

Bonney Lake


Quiet Meadows

101st St E and 218th Ave E

Bonney Lake


Buckley Youth Activity Center

251 S River Rd, Buckley



250 West Main, Buckley


Questions? Call White River Child Nutrition Services at 360-829-3979
Pierce County has mapped all distribution sites county-wide. You are not constrained to get food from any specific site - go to the location that is closest or most convenient to you. You will need to verify pick up times if the site you will be using is in another district.