Construction Update

Elk Ridge Elementary’s new 19-classroom building opened for students on the first day of the 18-19 school year.  Work has continued through this year to remodel the old building. 

Glacier Middle School has begun a 22 month project to transform the campus.  Demolition is underway, and massive changes will take place over the summer.   The priority for the summer is to complete reconstruction of the central kitchen that serves the rest of the district.   We estimate completion at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.

Educational Service Center – the campus that was formerly White River Middle School has undergone massive change, and remodeling continues through this coming summer.  It was first remodeled to house Wilkeson Elementary for a year while their campus was under construction.  Fifth graders from Mountain Meadow have also used the campus this year.  In the fall, the campus will be transformed into the White River Early Learning Center, and be home to preschool, early kindergarten and full-day kindergarten programs.

A new maintenance facility will be constructed in a back area of the Glacier campus.

Designs have been completed for an addition of eight classrooms at Foothills Elementary.  Updates on timing for that project will be forthcoming.