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Strategic Plan: The White River Promise

The district strategic plan was created to guide the work of the staff of the White River School district. The new plan takes our district mission and puts it at the center of the work. We have titled this plan the White River Promise- a commitment that the district makes to students and families to ensure high levels of learning for each student who enrolls in the district. 
Ensure high levels of learning for each student preparing them for successes beyond high school.
What do we want each student to learn?
How will we know if each student is learning it?
How will we respond when students experience difficulty?
How will we respond if the student already knows it?   
(DuFour, DuFour, Eaker)    
Equity is achieved by ensuring a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students, high 
quality instruction in every classroom, a balanced assessment system, additional time and support, and fair and accurate grading systems.
Additionally equity is achieved by identifying and removing barriers and through culturally responsive practices at every level of our organization. We act with urgency to ensure that every student is given what they need, when they need it.
The mission of ensuring high levels of learning for all students requires the work of high-performing teams operating as a professional learning community at work.
Teams work together to improve their own professional practice, and to meet the academic and social emotional needs of all students. Teams engage in continuous improvement cycles based on student data and researchaffirmed best practice. A culture of high expectations is reinforced through the belief in the ability of all students to achieve at high levels. The individual and collective efficacy of the professionals in the system ensures success.
Strong, respectful, supportive, and trusting relationships are the foundation of our work. 
Students and staff learn best when the culture balances high levels of expectation with high levels of support. Reciprocal accountability is a crucial component for student and adult success. Adults are held mutually 
accountable for achieving common goals by leveraging the strength of each team member. We celebrate the achievements of both individuals and teams based on the established learning goals.
1. Effective and rigorous academic and social-emotional Tier I instruction in every classroom
We believe teaching essential and rigorous grade level content guarantees student learning. In every classroom, this is evident in a well-planned standards-based lesson, where timely, task related, understandable and actionable feedback is present. Learning targets and goals for students are clear and learning is measured through three levels of participation; discussion, questioning, and interacting with relevant tasks.
2. A culture of collective  staff efficacy
We believe in a collective, research-based model for teaching our students in order to gain higher levels of learning year after year. Success is achieved by collaborating around a guaranteed and viable curriculum, timely assessment practices, providing additional time, support and extensions, as well as, celebrating the progress of each student and teacher team.
3. Close student learning gaps guided by data
We believe in timely and effective intervention for 
all students who need additional support. This involves gathering detailed data and analyzing it to identify and quickly address specific learning needs.
  • All Kids Can Learn at High Levels 
  • All Kids Should Feel Safe
  • All Kids Should Be Treated Special
  • Is It Good Enough For My Own Child?
  • Kid By Kid, Skill By Skill
  • Get Started, Get Better, Keep Going