Emergency Management

The White River School District takes disaster and emergency preparation seriously to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff. Our comprehensive emergency response plans and safety drills are designed to empower our staff to respond effectively to emergencies, incidents, and security risks. We work closely with local emergency responders to improve our response systems. Our commitment to safety helps us create a secure learning environment for all.

The White River School District takes the safety and security of its students and staff very seriously. To ensure a secure learning environment, we have implemented several measures, including secure doors and cameras. Exterior doors are equipped with secure locks and require a keycard or key for access. This ensures that only authorized personnel can enter the building, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential threats. In addition to secure doors, our schools are equipped with security cameras. These cameras are strategically placed throughout the schools and monitored to ensure any potential threats are quickly identified and addressed.

Our schools conduct regular drills, including shelter-in-place, lockdown, and evacuation responses. Drills are designed to prepare students and staff to respond appropriately in case of an emergency. In addition, we conduct regular training sessions on safety and security topics to empower our schools to respond confidently and effectively.

Communication Tips in an Emergency
- Be patient – we will communicate with you as quickly as possible.

- Check the Website or Facebook page

- All adults who are picking up children should remember to always bring photo identification.

-Keep emergency contact information up-to-date with the correct phone numbers and names of people authorized to pick up your children.

Check here for Inclement Weather Routes which may be implemented depending on the emergency.