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Re-Engagement Center

About Us
A genuine re-engagement center focused on the unique needs of 6th-12th grade students who are struggling to find success in their current educational setting after exhausting all interventions. Students will receive a flexible schedule and one-on-one academic assistance to successfully earn their appropriate credits/grades. In order to help students succeed, we help students identify and address the root causes of their current struggles with the end goal of returning them to their home school. Each student has an individual plan as no two stories are the same. The goal is to build an individualized plan that leads to a successful re-engagement and/or transition to either graduation or future educational opportunities.

The re-engagement center offers students a small school option and ensures a personalized school environment. Most classes will be offered within an online format. It also offers a non-traditional approach to learning for students who thrive in a more customized route as opposed to the traditional school experience. The re-engagement center may also support students who may be:
  • Behind in credits
  • Dealing with medical issues
  • Dealing with social/emotional issues
  • Struggling to find success in their current educational setting
  • Dealing with life circumstances/events
  • Disengaged from their home school for a variety of reasons
Learning Platform
All online courses (Edgenuity)
Some students could also attend Glacier or WRHS for in-person class(es) in addition to their online platform
Qualifications of Reengagement Center
Be currently enrolled at either Glacier Middle School or White River High School.
Re-engagement center is for students residing within the WRSD boundaries (no outside waivers will be accepted).
Be approved by the re-engagement center principal and home school principal
Housed at our Wickersham Campus: 250 Main St, Buckley, WA 98321
Mark Cushman
Principal - Mark Cushman
Greg Benjamin
Counselor - Greg Benjamin
Teacher - Raveen Hansen
Wade Tinney
ParaEducator/Behavior Specialist - Wade Tinney 

We know that not everyone learns the same way, and we are honoring our White River Promise: a commitment that the district makes to students and families to ensure high levels of learning for each student who enrolls.