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The White River School District's volunteer program is designed to promote, strengthen, and enhance quality education for all children while providing a valuable experience for the volunteer. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available. Whether you can give a small or a large block of time, there is a need for your help.

Questions and Answers

Question? Do parents volunteering in the office need to fill out a registration?
Answer: Yes; all volunteers working in the schools (including parents) need to register - even if they are working in what appears to be 'non-student contact' positions.

Question? Do those people who visit the classroom on a one-time only basis such as guest speakers need to register as volunteers?
Answer: No; they report to the office as a visitor and receive a visitor pass.

Question? Do volunteer coaches need to be registered?
Answer: Yes; all volunteers need to be registered even if they volunteer outside of school hours.

Question? Do field trip chaperones need to be registered?
Answer: Yes; any volunteer who may be working one-on-one with students, even for a single event, must be registered.

Question? Do volunteers need to be fingerprinted?
Answer: No, this is not required for volunteer registration.

Question? What happens to the registration form after the volunteer completes it?
Answer: The volunteer turns it into their building secretary. The secretary sends the forms to the volunteer office where the registration is processed. Name badges are issued by the White River Superintendent's office and are sent to the volunteer's school.