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  • 1:34 All Families How to Register for the 2020-21 School Year in Skyward Family Access

    Uploaded Jun 24, 2020
  • Elk Ridge Office manager talks to caregivers about disappointment2:38 Disappointment

    This 2 minute video for caregivers features Elk Ridge Elementary School Office Manager Kim Cutright sharing about disappointment.

    We are all having a lot of big emotions right now, that is normal and OK!

    With this pandemic, we are not able to do many things we were really looking forward to like the end of a sports season, prom, graduation, or job opportunity.

    We had dreams of how things would be and it is so disappointing to not be able to have those dreams realized.

    When you feel disappointed, you can shift your focus to being kind to others or doing a hobby. It won’t make all the disappointment go away but it will definitely help.

    We are all going to get through this together!

    Challenge: When you feel disappointment this week, try to do one kind act for someone or get into a hobby. Notice how this impacts how you feel.

    Uploaded May 05, 2020
  • 2:20 Routines

    This 2 minute video for families features Glacier Middle School 6th Grader Miles Birklid and teacher Amy Birklid sharing about routine.

    We know how hard it is to do schooling online at home!

    Kids fight it sometimes, but their brains love structure. Try using a checklist.

    Short sustained focus: one strategy is set a timer for different tasks and take lots of breaks.

    Try different ways of doing things, there is not one right way.

    If nothing else, READ!

    Challenge: Think about the routine you have tried so far, what is working for your family and what is not? Revise the plan and be flexible!

    Uploaded May 28, 2020

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