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Print Shop and Distribution Center

The White River School District Print Shop and Distribution Center is here to help students and staff by providing a variety of resources.
Amanda Vogel
Amanda Vogel
Curriculum Technical Support Specialist
Stephanie Raihl
District Courier


The Print Shop provides copying and printing services for the district schools and administrative offices. Requests can be submitted via The Golden Ticket Request system or scanning to Printshop on your building copier. Please allow 48-72 hours for job turn-around.

Print Shop Reminders:
  • Get approval from your Principal for orders to be printed in color or specialty paper before submitting them.
  • Print Shop only accepts PDFs.  Word, JPEG, and other formats do not print on the production copy machine.


District mail processing and courier services are also managed through the District Distribution Center.  Postal Mail and interoffice mail is processed daily and the district courier makes runs to buildings daily as well.  Schedule may change due to holidays, non school days and summer break. 

The distribution center is also the central delivery location for orders and packages which are then routed to appropriate personnel.  Summers are extremely busy as school buildings are closed for deliveries, so if you have something important being delivered, be sure to contact the department.  


Do you need materials for your classroom? The district distribution center manages consumables and curriculum materials.  Requests can be made via the Golden Ticket Request system.  Please allow 48-72 hours turn around time for items in stock and up to 2 weeks for items out of stock. 

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