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Technology Levy

Technology Purpose

Access to technology is essential for our students to be ready to participate in an increasingly digital society.

Thanks to the community support in passing the 2014 technology levy, the White River School district has made significant steps forward in improving access and creating equitable opportunities for students.

Increasing access to technology tools for teachers and students provides rich learning environments where students can develop the skills that they need to be ready for the next step after high school. Technology 2020 looks forward to where we plan to be in three years.

Our Classroom Model

The District technology committee established a set of technology classroom standards for each classroom. The standards include replacing aging projectors with a flat panel display, installing classroom audio enhancement systems, and a document camera. These enhancements have been installed at Foothills, Mountain Meadow, and White River High School. Glacier, Elk Ridge, and Wilkeson will be updated as part of the construction/remodel process.

Teacher modeling reading strategies with students

Training and Professional Development

Each year we provide professional development and support to teachers to use technology as part of the teaching and learning process. Training focuses on a core suite of tools that help teachers to manage digital learning, increase student engagement, and streamline learning.