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Business, Marketing, and Computer Science


Will I like this Career Field?

Are you a leader?

Do you enjoy developing an idea and seeing the end product? 

Do you like organizing people, planning activities, and talking?

Elective Options

9th -12th Grades:
Business Marketing I**
Business & Personal Law
Intro to Computer Science
Sports & Entertainment Marketing I**
10th-12th Grades:
Retail Store Operations**
Advanced Retail Store Operations**
Sports & Entertainment 
Marketing II**
AP Computer Science-Principles**
11th-12th grades:
Financial Literacy
Work Based Learning

**Dual Credit Courses
Many courses are articulated with local community and technical colleges
and students who register and maintain a C or better will earn college credit.
"In today's economy, the best jobs will go to the best educated -- whether they live in the United States or India or China. That's why every high school graduate needs some higher education, whether a university degree, a community college or industry certification."
-President Obama

This way for a living wage, more employment options, and better employability.
Leadership and Training Opportunities
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Employment Options
Employment Information
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Careers needing some College or Associates Degree
Careers needing some College or Associates Degree
Technical Colleges
Two Year Colleges
Careers needing
Bachelors Degree or more
Marketing Managers
Public Relations
Careers needing
Bachelors Degree or More
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