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Superintendents Cabinet

Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison
Heather McMullen, Assistant Superintendent
Heather McMullen
Assistant Superintendent
Sunday Ferris
Sunday Ferris
Executive Director of
Human Resources
Lori Curtis
Lori Curtis
Executive Director of Learning,
Instructional and Technology
Donna Morey
Donna Morey
Director of Finance
Jer Argo
Jeremy Argo
Executive Director of Equity
and Achievement
Molly Lutz
Molly Lutz
Special Education Director
Cabinet Commitments
To embed the culture we want to create and succeed in meeting our mission, the Superintendent and cabinet members: 
  • Commit to making student learning the primary focus of our work and the work of others throughout the district, and our primary framework for decision making.
  • Commit to maintaining the fidelity of each cabinet department and the decisions and responsibilities that rest with each while redirecting questions or requests when they are encountered.
  • Commit to recognizing that people are our strength and commit to hire and retain staff who are engaged with students, other staff, and parents and who put learning of students at the highest priority.
  • Commit to providing training, support, resources, and encouragement for our leadership team to ensure they can meet their professional responsibilities and requirements.
  • Commit to providing the encouragement, support, training, and resources necessary to enhance the capacity of those within each building to fulfill their mission of ensuring high levels of learning for all students.
  • Commit to maintaining our fiscal accountability as bound by board policy and to the balance we have reached.
  • Commit to conducting the work of the district primarily through the work of high-performing, collaborative teams.
  • Commit to making decisions that are primarily research-based and data-driven.
  • Commit to monitoring our success in multiple ways, but primarily by our impact on student learning.
  • Commit to creating a professional atmosphere in which we model the behavior we expect of others.