Chromebook Information

We are grateful for our community-supported Technology Levy. It enables us to have Chromebooks available for our students. Chromebooks are checked out to every 1st-12th grade student through the school library system. Your child is expected to care for the Chromebook as they would a library book.  It should be handled gently and with care, kept on a counter or table, kept away from babies and toddlers, and away from water or other liquids.  A Device Protection Plan (DPP) can be purchased for students in grades 6-12th who take it to and from school daily. Refer to the Device Protection Plan on this page for details and deadlines.

The annual Device Protection Plan (DPP) can provide some peace of mind if something should happen to the Chromebook. Enrollment in the DPP program is optional. Enrollment is only available during the first two weeks of school or upon school enrollment for new students. You can print the form and mail it in, deliver it to the school's office, pick-up a form at the school's office or make a payment online to enroll in the optional Device Protection Plan.

Device Protection Plan Forms

Please note:
  • The DPP cost for the X360 Chromebook at the high school is $30 (non-refundable) per year, per device. 
  • The DPP cost for the G6 Chromebook at lower grades is $20 (non-refundable) per year, per device.
  • Students eligible for free/reduced lunch may be eligible for a waived fee. Waiver status is coordinated through the Child Nutrition department and questions regarding status can be directed to them.  Child Nutrition Phone number:  360-829-3977

If you do not want to be responsible for the Chromebook, please discuss this desire with your school's Principal.

Chromebooks must be connected to a home wireless system to access the Internet. Internet access is necessary to use Google Classroom and other Google applications.  Watch this video to learn how to connect your Chromebook to a non-White River wireless network.
We also have hotspots to provide to families without Internet so students can engage in learning and online lessons.  The TMobile hotspot provides internet to a district Chromebook.   Please let your school principal know if you do not have access to the Internet in your home.  They can get a request started for your children.  If you have received a hotspot and have misplaced the instructions that came with it, here are those documents.  
If you desire internet for your home and not just the district Chromebook, consider checking into and applying to see if you qualify for Comcast COVID-19 Emergency internet
You can also look for a free hotspot near you by looking up your address on this site.

When you initially connect to “xfinitywifi,” a sign-in page will appear. If a sign-in page does not appear automatically, open your browser and navigate to a website such as You will be redirected to the sign-in page.

  1. On the sign in page, look for the “I don’t have an XFINITY account” section. (Please note that not all locations offer guest access.)
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts.
If you are having issues logging in, contact your school's Help Desk.  Before calling, check that you do not accidentally have the caps-lock key turned on. 
If the Chromebook is having issues, please power it off and turn it back on. To fully power down the Chromebook, click sign-out on the right-hand side of the screen. The screen will go dark and then light up again. When it lights up, click the shutdown option on the left-hand side of the screen.  To restart, close the Chromebook lid, then reopen to see the login screen.  Oftentimes, a reboot fixes small issues such as a track-pad that is not responding or volume not adjusting up or down when listening to a video.  If the device is still having issues or will not power on, parents or secondary-age students, please contact your school's Help Desk. 
School Contact Phone Number E-mail Address
Early Learning Center Holly Freitas 360-829-5848 contact by email
  Gloria Gelmini 360-829-5847 contact by email
Elk Ridge Lorraine Panek 360-829-5914 contact by email
Foothills Megan Clay 360-829-5980 contact by email
Mountain Meadow Rochelle Bockness 360-829-6047 contact by email
Wilkeson Kathy Lindenbaum 360-829-6108 contact by email
Glacier Middle School  Library Clerk 360-825-3367 contact by email
White River High School Library Clerk 360-829-5564 Contact by email
Outside of school hours, this trouble-shooting document is available to help you solve common issues: 

ATTENTION: In accordance with the Washington State Governor's Proclamation of a Stay at Home Order for COVID19 no technicians or other tech staff will be physically coming to sites and no staff or parents should come on any campus for Chromebook help without an appointment. Hardware related issues that can't be handled over the phone will be evaluated to see if physical touch is necessary.


The White River student Chromebooks have certain hours that they can be used.  This encourages good sleep habits and discourages mischief. High school Chromebooks are accessible 5 a.m. to midnight.  Second- eighth-grade accessible hours are 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.  If you are finding that the Chromebook locks outside of these hours, check the time and date when the Chromebook unlocks again.  Likely, the time on the clock somehow became incorrect.


The expectation is that the Chromebook is used for learning, not entertainment. Weekly on Sundays, parents will receive an email from Relay with a report of internet usage for their student.  This report will describe the student’s online Chromebook usage for the week. It provides information on which websites they have visited, searched for and how long they were on the internet.  
We have designed a website for parents to learn about the Chromebook.   It includes a lot of useful information.  You can use the website as a reference tool or go through it step by step as if it were an online learning course:  
Teachers will provide students links to Zoom learning sessions.  Students should join the session by:
1.  First, open the Zoom app from the Chromebook taskbar.
2.  Click login and enter the student's full Google username address and password. 
3.  Launch Google Classroom/SeeSaw and locate the Zoom session link from your teacher. 
Watch this video to fully understand how students should log into Zoom.  
We have designed a website for parents to learn about Google Classroom.  It includes a lot of useful information.  You can use the website as a reference tool or go through it step by step as if it were an online learning course:
Your home laptop or desktop computer can also be used to access Google Classroom if the Chromebook is not available.  Go to and watch this video to learn how to log in.  The login address must be fully typed out when you are not logging in on a Chromebook.