Breakfast and lunch at school offer all kids a convenient, economical, and healthy alternative for their school-day nutrition. When your kids join us for breakfast and lunch, you can rest assured that they’re eating nutritious meals – and your family may qualify for meal benefits, as well.
Did You Know?
  • Between breakfast and lunch, each day's school meals provide more than half of your child's dietary needs.
  • Kids who take advantage of our school meals consume more calcium and more servings of fresh fruits and veggies on average than those who pack a meal from home.
  • Studies show that kids who eat a good breakfast as close as possible to the start of the school day pay better attention in class, behave better, and score higher on standardized tests.
  • Kids get hungry on their own schedule!  If they're not hungry first thing in the morning, that doesn't mean they won't be by the time they get to school.  And even if they eat a little something at home, they might need to eat again before classes start.  
Meal Prices:

Elementary Schools

Middle & High School

Students on the Free and Reduced
Program are Free for Breakfast

PAID      $1.50
ADULT   $2.00


FREE STUDENTS                      FREE
REDUCED K-3                            FREE
REDUCED 4-5                            $0.40
PAID                                            $2.75
ADULT                                         $4.25
ENTREE ONLY                            $2.50
MILK ONLY                                  $0.50
Students on the Free and Reduced
Program are Free for Breakfast

PAID          $1.75
ADULT       $2.00


FREE STUDENTS                       FREE
REDUCED                                   $0.40
PAID                                             $3.25
ADULT                                          $4.25
ENTREE ONLY                            $3.50
MILK ONLY                                  $0.50
Your child(ren) may qualify for FREE and REDUCED MEALS.  To find out if they do, please complete a Free and Reduced Meal Application.  These applications can be found on our website, at each school office, or at the Child Nutrition Office.  Please only complete one application per family.
Make A Payment:
Payments at the schools -
Parents can add money to their child's account using cash or checks.  For elementary students, money should be turned into the front office or the student's teacher.  Middle and high school students may turn the money into the front office, or the food services cashiers.

Online Payments - 
White River School District has made adding money to your child's account simple!
We now contract with RevTrak, to provide a secure site for making online payments.  Parents are able to make payments to their student's food service meal account, view account balances and see transaction history online!  All you need is:

VISA or MasterCard debit or credit card and your Skyward Family Access Login and Password.  Online payments wil immediately be posted to your student's food service account.  To make you first payment, click on the Skyward Family Access link below.  Parents will be charged a small fee for the convenience of making an online payment.
Family Access
An Important Reminder to Parents
The RevTrak Icon can only be accessed through FAMILY ACCESS, not student access.  Due to the legal nature of the credit card companies, students may not use their parent's credit card to put money on their own accounts.  Parents need their own personal password and they have to log in as an adult in FAMILY ACCESS to get to RevTrak.  Passwords can be obtained in one of 2 ways. 1) The parent can go to the school, show an ID and the secretary will give them the password on the spot.  2) The parent can call the school secretary and she will send the password to the address that is on file.  A password will not be given out over the phone.  

The Child Nutrition Department has a charge policy for student meal service.  Elementary Students are allowed an Emergency meal up to 3 charges in negative balances and after that, Full Meal prices will be accrued on every meal that be offered.  Middle School Students and High School Students are allowed 3 charges and are not allowed to charge for a la cart Items.  Please check your student's meal account balances through Family Access (password and pin required) regularly to ensure that they have enough money in their account. Parents will be contacted through Email daily after a student has been listed under emergency meals, or has gone negative by 3 full meal charges.