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Interdistrict Agreement Request

If your student is attending an on-line school AND would like to take classes in the White River School District, please submit an Interdistrict Agreement form to be released from the district part time to do an online program.  This process must be completed annually.  
1.) Submit a request to via the OSPI Choice Transfer Request Portal.   Once submitted, you will receive email notifications throughout the process.  Choice Transfer Request Online Portal 
If you are not able to complete this process via the online portal, you may complete that Choice Transfer form and submit to the White River School District Administration Office.  Interdistrict Agreement Form
Via mail:
White River School District              via e-mail (scanned form)
Attn: Choice Transfers                    
PO Box 2050
Buckley, WA, 98321                        via fax:  360 829-3358
If you need assistance or additional information with any these processes, please contact Maiden Greene at 360-829-3814 or via email