Emergency Information

Inclement weather: For inclement weather information please call 360-829-0600 and follow the prompts.

Flash Alert
This site provides a report of school schedule changes due to adverse weather conditions and other emergency situations for member school districts, colleges and private schools.

Pierce County Dept. of Emergency Management
Flood Season is upon us and it's a great time to 
prepare ourselves and our families for all types of 
emergencies and disasters. 

NOAA's National Weather Service

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's 
local forecast by city, state.

NOAA's Northwest River Forecast Center
Get updated on the flood forecast for local rivers 
and streams.

Limited transportation routes are put into effect when road conditions in certain areas are judged hazardous for safe bus travel. (Remember: Buses may not be able to go to the same locations that a car or SUV may be able to go) Students will need to walk to the below-designated stops to catch the bus.

When we are operating on “LIMITED TRANSPORTATION" the modified routes/bus stops are in effect:

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** To eliminate confusion, students will be dropped off at the same places where they were picked up in the morning. This will be done even if the weather conditions have improved during the day.

Click on the link below to find your Inclement Weather Route.

For Inclement Weather Routes  click here

214th Ave E from Sumner Buckley Hwy E to SR 410 E  & Dead End of 91st St E: Students will be picked up and dropped off  at 1st Home Depot Driveway
246th  Ave E (Blessing Rd): Students will be picked up & dropped off at Sumner Buckley Hwy E & 246th Ave E.
Mt. Creek: Students will be picked up and dropped off at 230th Ave E & 92nd St. E.                                                                White River Estates:  Students will be picked up and dropped off at Connells Prairie & 225th and Connells Prairie and 222nd.                                                                                                                                                                          Springhaven:  Students will be picked up and dropped off at Kelly Lake & 212th Av E and Kelly Lake & 210th Av E

Keating Rd, So. Pr. Carbon River Rd E, and Pioneer Way/SR 162 E (between Emery St & Arline Rd): Students will be picked up & dropped off at 121 Washington St (Town Hall) & at SW 2nd St & Emery St.
Fairfax, Carbonado, Black Tail Ridge and Wilkeson/Carbonado Rd E: Students will be picked up & dropped off at 1221 Hillside Dr. (Old Carbonado Tavern), and Pershing & Farm only.
South Prairie Rd E (between 234th Ave E to SR 162 E): Students will be picked up & dropped off in South Prairie at 121 Washington Street (Town Hall) and 234th Ave. E & 120th St. E.
SR 162 E (between So. Prairie & Lower Burnett Rd E):  Students will be picked up & dropped off at 121 Washington (Town Hall) only.
Dead End of Larson Loss Rd & Sierra : Students will be picked up & dropped off at Tubbs Rd E & Larson Loss Rd E.
Spiketon Rd: All students on Spiketon Rd will be picked up & dropped off at the intersection of Ryan Rd & Spiketon Rd.
Dead End of Entwhistle Rd : Students will be picked up & dropped off at 234th Ave E & Entwhistle Rd E
Prairie Wood Estates (157th St E, 158th St Ct E, 161st St E, 258th Av E, 164th St E): Students will be picked up & dropped off at 157th St E & Tubbs Rd)                                                                                                                               Quiet Meadows (217th Av Ct E & 218th Av E, behind Pacific Pride): Students will be picked up at 214th Av E & 101st St E.                                                                                                                                                                                      Evergreen Pond and 258 Ave E:  Students will be picked up at 112th St E & 261 and 112th St E & 258th Ave E.

Emergency Announcements

The winter months occasionally bring weather conditions which require school schedule delays or closures. Each family should have a plan covering what to do when children arrive home early due to an emergency situation. Situations that should be discussed include:

1. If you live on a route included in the limited transportation plan, make sure your child knows what their alternate stop will be.
2. Where could they go if they needed help?
3. Who would care for him or her until you arrive?
4. Is there someone your child could call to allay fears?

Announcements will be in the following form:

SCHOOLS CLOSED: All schools will be closed all day. All meetings, field trips, after-school activities, etc. are cancelled and may be rescheduled for a future date. .
SCHOOLS OPEN - TWO HOURS LATE: Bus schedules and school will begin two hours late. (Late start on Mondays will be two hours late as counted from the regular Tuesday-Friday schedule start time) Students will be dismissed at the regular time unless announced. Listen to your radio for further announcements. When schools are two hours late, AM Preschool, AM Early Kindergarten and ECEAP classes are cancelled. Full day Kindergarten is in session as are all PM half day sessions. The start time for Kids Klub will be two hours late.  
LIMITED TRANSPORTATION: Bus service is limited due to road restrictions or weather conditions.  For the safety of all, if students are picked up at a different stop for the limited transportation, they will also be dropped off at that same stop.
NO OUT OF DISTRICT TRANSPORTATION: There will be no transportation to any programs outside our district for any students.
NO ACTIVITY RUNS: There will be no transportation for after school activities.
EVENING ACTIVITIES CANCELLED: All scheduled activities at District schools and buildings are canceled and may be rescheduled for a future date.