Bus/Walking Routes

Bus Routes 
Please be aware that bus routes are subject to change, and may change frequently - please check this link regularly as we modify our routes every year, but particularly this year:
Busing information can be found in Family Access under Busing.  
Please be patient the first week of a new schedule as we ensure that each child is accounted for - sometimes buses may be 10-15 minutes late the first week of changes - thanks in advance for your patience!
Thank you,
White River Transportation
Walking Routes
You may have noticed a few changes in our bus stops and routes this year. For the past few years, the State has been requiring every school district in the state to put into place a ONE MILE, SAFE WALK ZONE for their schools. We have been working diligently with the cities of Buckley and Wilkeson, and together we have established many safeguards for your children.  These include the placement of the new school zone safety beacons.  Transportation department staff have also spent a great deal of time with each school principal to establish the safest walking routes from your neighborhood to your school.