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Transportation FAQ's

Please understand that the White River School District is required to follow the Washington State Department of Health Guidance, which is subject to updates. See our current policies below:
Q: What needs to be done in order to ride the bus?
A: Follow WRSD Transportation rules to ride the bus. Be safe, respectful, and responsible as we are all in this together! 
Q: How many students do the buses hold? 
A: The capacity of a bus is determined by the age group (and size) of the students on board.  Additionally, we have several different sizes of buses.  So for instance, a bus may be considered full to capacity with 78 elementary students, but only 55 secondary students.  Other buses may have a larger or smaller capacity based on the number of seats.  State regulations determine what the capacity of each bus is. 
Q: When should I be at my bus stop? 
A: Please always be five minutes early to the bus stop. The first few days of school always take longer than normal as we work out the kinks - your patience is appreciated!
Q: If my bus is late, what should I do? 
A: If it is within the first week of school, routes are rarely on time until all of the kinks are worked out. Later in the year, wait five minutes, then call our transportation office. Also, pay attention to local conditions (like road construction) as there are many reasons why buses may be delayed. 
Q: I have a kindergartner and am concerned about what is done on the bus to make sure they will be safe.
A: Kindergartners will be seated in the first rows of the bus so the driver can keep an eye on them, and make sure they get off at their correct stop.  A parent or guardian must be present for a kindergartner to get off the bus. If there is no one at the stop to meet the kindergartner, the driver will return them to their home school where they can be picked up by a parent or other designated person.  We take the safety of all of our students, but especially our youngest students, very seriously.
Q: What is the procedure if I think a bus stop needs to be changed?
A: A form for requesting a review of a specific bus stop is available on our website.  Click on “Departments” and choose Transportation.  The Bus Stop Change Request Form can be found there.  Each request is reviewed individually and considered carefully. Please know we do the best we can to accommodate everyone, and routing is a very complicated endeavor. 
Q: Where do I call if I have more questions?
A: The phone number for White River’s Transportation Center is 360-829-3361.