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Learning Assistance Program

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The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) is Washington's state-funded program that provides additional academic support to eligible students. LAP funds are available to support programs in grades K-5 in reading, writing, mathematics, and readiness for those subjects. The district provides a push-in model where students are not pulled from their classroom but are working with their classroom teacher or a paraprofessional on skill-specific needs that are close to core instruction. 

Eligible Students
Eligible students are those identified by the district as achieving below grade level on the state’s assessment. Achievement on district assessments of basic skills is also considered.

Accelerated Learning Plans
School districts are required to develop Accelerated Learning Plans (ALP) for any student receiving services that are funded through the Learning Assistance Program (LAP).  The purpose of the plan is to communicate with parents to help ensure continued progress in academic achievement as a foundation for high school graduation. Progress made on the student plan is to be reported to the student’s parents or guardian at least as often as regular grade reporting.  Adjustments to the plan are to be made as necessary based on student progress.